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    Post a job

    Posting a job on is quick and easy, but not all job posts are created equal. A well-written project description, correct categorization, and accurate skills requirements may help to attract the right freelancers. The more time and detail you put into your job post, the better the result.

    To post a job:

    1. Click the “Post a Project” tab
    2. Please fill in the details on the “New Project” form
    3. Click “Submit”



    Review proposals & hire a freelancer

    1. Click on the “My Jobs” tab
    2. Locate the job you want to open and at the bottom of the page you see the freelancer bids for this project
    3. As you review their proposals, you have the option for the following actions:
      1. Check the freelancer profile by clicking on the freelancer profile picture on the left side
      2. Message the freelancer by clicking on the “Message” button
      3. Accept the bid by clicking on the red “Accept” button

    In addition to the freelancers who’ve submitted proposals already, Belzara gives you a list of potential freelancer matches. Review the suggestions and send an invitation to the ones you like. They’ll be notified of your interest and have the opportunity to respond with a proposal. You can also search the marketplace via the “Freelancer” tab and invite freelancer to bid on your project.



    Find a freelancer

    When you’re searching for freelancers, your primary focus should be on finding the right freelancer for your company and your project. To help you do that, we provide several ways to filter your search results based on things such as the freelancer’s hourly rate, skills, location etc. These filters are available in the box on the top of the page.To run a search:

    1. Go to Freelancers > Find Freelancers
    2. Using the filter box on the top of the page, you can browse by overall work category, by skill, by location, by hourly rate or search by keyword
    3. You are able to invite a freelancer to bid for your project by viewing the freelancer’s profile and clicking on “Invite me to join”




    Payment for fixed-price projects

    When you work with a freelancer on a fixed-price project we require you to make an escrow deposit in the amount of the project value when accepting a bid from a freelancer.The final payment is process at the moment when you approve the freelancer’s work manually.In order to approve work and release the payment to the freelancer following actions are required:

    1. Click on the “My Jobs” tab
    2. Choose the project where you have been provided with the final work by the freelancer
    3. Click on the “Finish” button on the top right.
    4. Please review and rate the freelancer



    Discontinuing a project

    There might be situations where a client is not contented with the work of the freelancer and decides to abort the project.

    In this case you can enter the workspace of the specific project and click the “Discontinue” button on the top right.

    There you can enter a statement why you want to discontinue the project. Please note that the freelancer has the option to agree with the discontinuation of the project which results in a refund of the deposited budget to the client. If the freelancer does not agree with the discontinuation and insists on the agreed budget, belzara offers a dispute mediation service.

    In this case the balzara mediation team will hear both sides and decide on a case by case basis.

    There are two possible outcomes: 1. Client gets the deposited escrow funds refunded 2. Freelancer receives the agreed budget



    Escrow protection 

    Escrow Protection is in place for fixed-price jobs. Before the project commencement, the client and the freelancer agree on requirements and a budget. When the client accepts a freelancer’s bid, Belzara requires the client to make an escrow deposit in the amount of the project value.When the project is completed, the client can either approve work and release payment or request modifications to the work. Clients can also request that the freelancer approves the return of funds held in escrow.

    1. Work is approved and the payment is released when the client clicks on the “Finish” button in the selected project dashboard
    2. Modifications to the work can be requested in the chat system that can be initiated by clicking on the green “Open Workspace” button in the project dashboard
    3. Clients can request the return of the funds held in escrow by clicking on the red “Close” button in the project dashboard. In case of a request decline by the freelancer, the administrator gets involved in order to mediate in the dispute





    Belzara automatically generates invoices after a project gets finished and payment is approved by the client.
    Invoices are generated separately for the fixed price job as well as the transaction fee that is charged by Belzara.
    Invoices can be accessed and downloaded in the reporting tab. The reporting tab can be accessed by clicking:  Profile Picture > Your Profile > Reporting



    Find a project

    There are several ways to find a job that is matching your skills.

    The “My Job Feed” tab on top of the page automatically filters all available projects on belzara according to your skills and project categories which you have selected in your profile settings.

    Another way to find your desired project is the blue “Find a Project” button on the top right of the homepage. There you are able to search all open projects on by filter options such as project category, skill, budget or simply a keyword.



    Apply for a project

    When you have found a project matching your skills, you simply click on the “Apply” button which leads you to the project dashboard.

    In order to submit a bid, you click on the red “Bid” button on the top right of the project dashboard.

    The following pop-up gives you an overview of the final amount that you will receive taking into account VAT (in case you are subject to VAT) and the belzara service fee. Then just enter the amount of time (days/month) that you would require for the project and add a note to the employer where you can elaborate why you should be assigned with the project.

    Then click “Submit”



    Getting started with the project

    When the employer has accepted your bid and has assigned you with the project, then you will receive a notification.

    Click on your profile picture > Notification

    Clicking on the blue text in the notification will lead you directly to the dashboard of your project. From there you can enter the workspace by clicking the green button “Open Workspace”.

    Here you are able to:

    • message with the client
    • make a voice or video call
    • share the screen with the client

    Here you can also upload any kind files.




    Finishing a project

    When you have sent the final work file to the client and you consider the project to be finished, then you can request the payment of the budget by clicking on the “Request Payment” button on the top right of the work space area.

    The client then needs to approve the work and accept the payment request. Right afterwards you will receive your funds.



    Discontinuing a project

    There might be situations where a freelancer is not able or not willing to continue to work on a project. In that case you can enter the workspace of the specified project and click the “Discontinue” button on the top right.

    There you can enter a short statement why you want to discontinue the project. Please note that by discontinuing the project you will not be entitled anymore to the payment of the agreed budget for that specific project.