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    Direct response copy writer Ninjas wanted!

    Direct response copy writer Ninjas wanted!

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    • Active on August 29, 2017

    Project description:

    Direct response copy writer Ninjas wanted!

    -Work from home

    -Paid per project

    -Deal with big clients

    -Write exclusive and profit generating copies

    job description

    -Advertise copies on Facebook that generate traffic

    -Create Sales letters that generates leads


    -Experienced in writing advertising copies

    It would be very beneficial if you have:

    -Experienced in writing advertising copies for the financial industry

    -Some knowledge of investments, stocks, mutual-funds, unit-trusts, money market funds, or online trading platforms

    Nebumax (Pty) Ltd is a digital marketing company specializing in online advertising, lead generation and most of our clients are in the finance industry.

    Please email the following if you should be interested

    -Cover letter


    -Advertising copies that you have written in the past.

    Your documentation will be reviewed if we think you are a viable candidate we will email you back and have a Skype interview with you.

    If you don’t have the competencies to perform what is in the job description please don’t send an email

    The payment is 0.2$ per word

    Huy Do
    Graphics expert
    5 Years
    In Process

    Hi I m Huy and an experienced writer. Would be happy to work with you. Is the 50 usd for the first project or is just a place holder ? Regards


    Alex Kahts

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